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Family Counseling

Take a look at all of the Services we provide.  Family, Individual, Men, Women & Children’s help is available.

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Addiction & Stress Management

Whatever you are going through, the counselors at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness are here to help get you on the road to feeling good.

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“Trust is an action. It is not what you or I do, but what our partner does. [We] found that we trust because of what our partners do.”

John Gottman – Gottman Institute

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Experienced Counseling in Lynchburg, VA
In person or by Private Video Conferencing  (Teletherapy)

Tired of trying to overcome stress on your own?

Lynchburg Counseling of Wyndhurst may be for you in person or by private video conferencing (Teletherapy). Video conferencing is now so easy and it’s paid for by your insurance company.  We’ll show you how.  Chronic stress can be very debilitating both physically (e.g., headaches, high blood pressure, a weaker immune system) and emotionally (distractedness, low self-esteem, and depression). Lynchburg Counseling can help.

Lynchburg Counseling: These effects can interfere with your ability to find fulfillment in work, fulfillment in family life, and fulfillment in relationships. We find that people often enter counseling because their ongoing exposure to stress has resulted in their feeling powerless. Lynchburg Counseling of Wyndhurst helps you get the power back or helps you to find power that you never had.

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Discover the Power of Group Counseling

Group counseling at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness offers a supportive environment for individuals facing various challenges. Our specialized group sessions focus on Substance Abuse, Sexual Addiction, and Physicians dealing with Substance Abuse. Embracing the power of group therapy can lead to remarkable growth and recovery. Take a look at some of the benefits of joining one of our group counseling sessions:

Benefits of Group Counseling:

  • Shared Understanding: In a group setting, people can relate to one another’s experiences and struggles.
  • Support: Groups at Wyndhurst Counseling provide a safe space to express emotions and receive support from others going through a similar journey.
  • Differing Perspectives: Hearing from others in the group setting allows you to gain different viewpoints on your own challenges.
  • Strengthen Coping Skills: Group interactions can help you learn new coping techniques from other group members and the Professional Counselor.
  • Better Communication Skills: Participation in a group discussion can help you communicate with others.
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About our Group Counseling Services
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Stop Struggling: Lynchburg Counseling of Wyndhurst is with you.

Lynchburg Counseling: Being stressed and overwhelmed is all too familiar. Whether your problems are related to work, finances, relationships, home life, or physical challenges (e.g., fatigue, lack of drive, weight struggles, medical issues), counseling done in person or by private video conferencing (Teletherapy) can provide a place to work through current and past struggles. Lynchburg Counseling of Wyndhurst offers counseling that offers support and offers a gentle nudge when necessary in order to help you move forward. Lynchburg Counseling is available now.

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Overcome Depression, Anxiety and More. Lynchburg Counseling Brings the Experience You’ve Been Looking For.

Lynchburg Counseling: We have extensive experience in assisting clients with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and dependence, panic attacks, low self-esteem/poor self-image, grief, emotional and relational distance within the family, and issues surrounding chronic medical illnesses. Lynchburg Counseling can quickly help.

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John Gottman

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“Working briefly on your marriage every day will do more for your health and longevity than working out at a health club”

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