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What does the Individual  & Couples Counseling Intensive offer?

Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness offers a customized Lynchburg Counseling Intensive for a variety of issues. It is a one of a kind experience offered to those seeking a non-traditional effective approach to healing. A Counseling Intensive offers counseling packages for individuals and married couples that are all-inclusive and cover every aspect of therapeutic treatment you may need. Whether you are struggling through relationship issues, going through divorce, dealing with anxiety or depression, or recovering from trauma–we have professional counselors to address those concerns. An Intensive Counseling session offers a lot in a short period of time.

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about Individual & Couples Intensive Counseling…

Are you all in need of a jump start? Or is your current counseling dragging on? Maybe, an Intensive Couples or Individual Counseling Session is for you….

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Individuals as well as couples and families come to Lynchburg to be part of the Lynchburg Counseling Intensive Program. Some fly in and some choose to use Private Video Conferencing / Teletherapy / Zoom.  Each format works amazingly well.  A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive has no geographical limitations.

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I made the decision to begin counseling due to feeling a lot of frustration in my life and because of my desire to become emotionally healthy. In the beginning I was nervous about the process and about how I would be perceived for seeking help. I am very thankful that I found the courage to seek out help from the Wyndhurst Counseling Center because from the first interaction to the last, my experience with every aspect of the process was professional, strategic, supportive, and healing. The process allowed me to gain a better understanding of myself and accomplish my goals, while also giving me the tools to meet future challenges. I am completely satisfied with the results I obtained as what I learned and experienced is now able to be applied to ongoing personal growth.
Erin of Florida
I view it as similar to taking a 5 day Z-pack versus a regimen of antibiotics. Who wouldn’t want to feel better in a shorter time rather than a longer time? Especially after carrying around such heavy loads of sadness for so long.
Dee of Virginia
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It is difficult to know how to how to manage conflict in relationships. It really is. In marriage, parenting, or other relationships, knowing how to manage conflict in relationships is vital.

What is the Individual Counseling Intensive Program like?

From the moment you enter into your Lynchburg Counseling Intensive you get a sense of peace. Our unique program helps individuals and couples renew and repair their lives. The Counseling Intensive has a reputation for helping people get back on track in a brief period of time.

Individuals or couples come for the equivalent of 8 traditional sessions in a single day. The schedule can vary but a typical day might include 3 clock hours of counseling in the morning (equivalent to four 45 minute traditional sessions) followed by an hour break for lunch. Upon returning another 3 clock hour session is held (equivalent to four 45 minute traditional sessions). The Lynchburg Individual & Couples Counseling Intensive day can be flexed to best meet specific needs.

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Why is an Intensive Counseling Program Best?

The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive format differs from traditional 45-minute weekly sessions in several important ways. For some, 45-minute sessions can feel too brief. Wyndhurst Counseling Center offers a highly effective, research supported, and innovative alternative model of counseling. Lynchburg Intensive Counseling provides concentrated doses of counseling by combining multiple sessions in a back-to-back format. Clients engaged in a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive report rapid, immediate, results.

Most individuals and couples wait years after problems emerge before seeking professional counseling. By the time they begin counseling, seeing a therapist 1-4 times a month for 45 minutes at a time, they often find that it isn’t as effective as they’d like. It can take almost 45 minutes for some individuals or couples to even bring up core issues, let alone resolve them. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive is designed with a goal to provide an impactful experience that brings change in a short period of time. A Counseling Intensive brings results.


For more information or to reserve your Counseling Intensive please call (434) 237-2655. You can also send an email to us via the “contact us” button and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will be happy to have a free phone conversation to see if a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive is a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

My significant other doesn’t want to attend the Lynchburg Counseling Intensive; can you convince him/her?

Unfortunately, we cannot convince your significant other to attend our Counseling Intensive Program. Our experience has shown, however, that it is not necessary for both people to attend…we believe that it only takes one to tango. We are happy to answer questions he/she may have during a phone consultation.

What Issues do you address at a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive?

Since we personalize every Counseling Intensive, what we address changes every time. Common areas we address include: Depression, Anxiety, Intimacy, Communication, Reconciliation, Infidelity, Trust, Blending Families, Parenting, Sexual Problems, Respect, Financial Differences, and Role Expectations. A Intensive Counseling session is comprehensive.

What is the Cost of a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive?

Please see the “Rates” page for cost of investment for a Counseling Intensive.

What Happens After We Leave an Intensive?

Follow up from a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive can take place through Private Video Conferencing / Teletherapy / Zoom.

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