Areas of Counseling Services in Lynchburg VA

Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage


We know what research has to say about what causes couples to thrive versus simply surviving.

Young Man at table in front of computer struggling with Sexual Addiction and going to call Wyndhurst Counseling Center for help

Sexual Addiction

Freedom for you or someone you love who is trapped in pornography or inappropriate relationships.

Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Many have tried repeatedly to cut back or slow down, only to find themselves drinking or using again.

Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage


More than a tutor! Dr. Lehman has extreme skill & extensive experience for advocacy and support.

Husband and Wife discussing issues in an intensive session that can be done at Wyndhurst Counseling Center

Marriage Intensives

Get better faster! Couples are loving the 1 and 2 day Intensives that stop the conflict and start the connecting.

Individual Intensive Counseling with counselor and young woman on sofa

Individual Intensives

Stopping the harmful hamster wheel thoughts that have been turning over and over in your head for years!

Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage


Down mood? Disrupted sleep? Low energy? Lack of enjoyment? Change in appetite? We know what to do.

Lady with obvious anxiety about many things


On edge? Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Difficulty concentrating or making decisions? Feeling nervous?