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Finding out about unexpected things relating to our children begins early in parenthood. Some of those discoveries are quite shocking. These discoveries range from things they’ve done wrong to things that bring wonder and delight. All our kids have weaknesses, struggles, and vulnerabilities. The folks at the Lynchburg LGBTQ+ Family Counseling Program are here to walk with you.

When unexpected discovery relates to our kid’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity, we may believe that we’re alone. We may feel shame? We may feel, sadness? We may feel anger? We may feel fear?

Questions that might arise

  • Why did this happen?
  • How can this be?
  • Did I cause this?

When this happens, our minds whirl, looking for the cause. We begin to look through our flawed history as a parent.

  • Which of my mistakes caused this?
  • Did I work too much?
  • Did I not spend enough time with him?
  • Did I give too much attention to the other children?
  • Was it my yelling?
  • Was it my criticism?
  • Did I push too hard?
  • Did I not push hard enough?
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Common Questions Parents often Ask When a Family Member “Comes Out.”

  • What is the heart of God for the Gay Community?
  • How do we have conversations with a family member who is gay?
  • What are things you can do to create a loving environment?
  • What do I do with guilt and shame?
  • How do I affirm my love for my family member without affirming their lifestyle?
  • Can I keep my convictions and still maintain a relationship with them?
  • If I’m a Christian, can I  cultivate a relationship with LGBT  people and families while maintaining faithfulness to the Gospel?
  • Does this mean that my son or daughter doesn’t really know Jesus?
  • Is there a way to maintain a “non-affirming position” yet maintain a loving posture?
  • Is there a way to move forward?
  • Will it ever feel better to me?
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Focus on Compassion

“While it is tempting to focus on causation, I want to resolve this question upfront: the origins of sexual orientation and gender identity are highly complex, multi-factorial, and likely rooted in both nature and nurture. For any one person, it can be impossible to know the exact cause. For this reason, I propose that we shift our focus from causation to compassion. Your LGBT+ loved one, regardless of their age, needs your faithful presence, understanding, and compassion in their life ” (Henson. 2019).

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You are Not Alone:

Your host and group leader is Rick Ouimet. Rick is well equipped personally and professionally to gently guide you and consistently walk with you.

Rick is a retired pastor of 40 years. While working as a pastor, he spent countless hours talking with and walking along side individuals and families dealing with many struggles. He is well accustomed to walking with individuals and families who are dealing with complex issues related to gender and sexuality.

While this group will use materials that are from a traditional Christian perspective, no one will be expected to adopt this value system. The materials used will come from a perspective that endeavors to uphold a biblical mandate to love and extend Christ to LGBT+ family members. The idea is not to change your stance or position, but hopefully assist in making a change in posture that will allow for a relationship to be maintained or restored.

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How Do We Access the LGBTQ+ Family Counseling Program?

Simply call our office at 434.237.2655 and talk with one of our Reception Team. They will quickly get some information from you and immediately get you scheduled to see Rick. Rick will meet with you and help you determine your next steps. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t wait any longer…

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