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At Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness in Lynchburg, VA we know how important it is to understand the expense of therapy.  We have put together our rates to help you understand what the costs will be when you schedule your appointments at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness.

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The Cost of a Traditional Counseling Session (45 Minutes)

  • $165 for a Licensed Professional Counselor or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • $75 for a Pastoral Counselor
  • $55 for a counseling intern/resident in Lynchburg. At other locations, the price will vary based upon experience and availability.
  • $40 for Group.

The Cost of a Double Lynchburg Counseling Session (90 Minutes)

The cost of a double Lynchburg Counseling session by a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (90 minutes) is twice that of a single session. Research says that if people are able to do the double counseling sessions, that results are achieved more quickly and that it is actually less expensive in the long run. With the increased focus, individuals and couples are able to get a jump start on their road to a new life.

The Cost of a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive

This is Four 45 minute sessions back to back, followed by a lunch break. Upon return there are Four more 45 minute sessions back to back. The cost of a One Day Intensive this would be $1,320. This is the equivalent of 8 weekly sessions in one day! A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive may be for you.

These are highly recommended for individuals struggling with low mood or anxiety that won’t seem to go away. Often we are plagued by negative thoughts-self defeating beliefs that captivate us rather than us ruling over them. A Counseling Intensive may be exactly what you are looking for. You can join the ranks of others who are now feeling good.

These are also highly recommended for relationships that have been through a great amount of trauma, relationships that are on the brink of divorce, or where traditional, weekly couples therapy has just plain failed. A Counseling Intensive can be the jump-start that you need to get you on the road to feeling good.

The Cost of a Weekend Lynchburg Counseling Intensive

These intensives are the same as the ones held during the week but are conveniently scheduled on the weekend. Sometimes folks choose these due to their own availability and work schedules. This way no one has to take off work.

At this moment, the cost of a Lynchburg Counseling Weekend Intensive is the same as that of a Weekday Intensive.

The Cost of a Mobile Lynchburg Counseling Intensive

The Mobile Intensives are identical to the ones held in our Lynchburg Office. The difference is that I drive or fly to your home during the week or weekend. For reasons of career, family, and or confidentiality, some people choose for me to come to them.

The financial investment of a Mobile Lynchburg Counseling Intensive is be $3,600 per day plus expenses. Expenses generally include, airfare and/or car rental, lodging and meals.


1 Day Mobile Intensive: 2 Days of travel and 1 Day of Counseling= $10,800 plus expenses.
2 Day Mobile Intensive: 2 Days of travel and 2 Days of Counseling= $14,400 plus expenses.
For Additional information on the Mobile Lynchburg Counseling Intensive, please visit that page.

The Cost of a Supervision for Internships and Licensure (LPCs and LMFTs)

  • $95 for Individual Supervision
  • $60 per Group Supervision

The Cost of a Mandated Substance Abuse Assessment

At times, clients are mandated to have an actual “Substance Abuse Assessment.” If this is the case, the cost of a full substance abuse assessment, with written evaluation/letter for legal or employment protocol is $655.00.

The Cost of a Cooperative Parenting Through Separation and Divorce Group

  • $600 per couple (Biological Mother and Biological Father)

The Cost of a Parenting the Love & Logic Way Workshop

  • $30/week for 6 weeks, individual or couple

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