Marriage Counseling Intensive

Life Changing and Effective

Why a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

We provide specialized Intensive Marriage Counseling for couples who want to thrive. This experience offers a life-changing and effective approach to hurting couples who want to heal. An Intensive Counseling session offers packages for married couples that cover every aspect needed. A Marriage Counseling Intensive provides a tremendous change in a brief amount of time.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers

about Intensive Marriage Counseling…

Marriage can be a wonderful thing. It really can. You don’t have to survive; you can thrive. With a 1 or 2 Day Marriage Intensive we can help you get better, faster.

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Couples from all over the country come to Lynchburg to have an Intensive to strengthen their Marriage. Some fly, some drive, and some use Private Video Conferencing / Teletherapy / Zoom. Each format works amazingly well for this type of intensive program. If you are a little scared of technology, we’ll carefully walk you through each step of the way so it will be smooth and so that we’ll be able to focus on you all making change. A Marriage Counseling Intensive can reach where you are.

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“After 20+ years of marriage, my husband and I finally came to the conclusion that we were not perfect, separately or as a couple, and that we needed help We were both talking (me more than him) but neither of us was understanding. It seems so simple but it is the hardest to really listen to another person, to REALLY listen. Lots of things look simple though: bike riding, playing basketball, even just running in a marathon. It’s funny how each of those activities involves having someone give us instruction. Obviously, not everything is as easy as it looks.Our issues had been going on for years and both of us were deep-to-the-bone weary of them. Once we jumped that hurdle to pick up the phone and call for an appointment, it was such an enormous relief. To know that help was coming was an incredible sense of a burden lifted. The option to pursue counseling in an Intensive setting was explained. Frankly, I am a cheap person and the option to save on gas costs factored into my head. Another thought was that I could just take a day off work which is much easier to explain away than regular appointments that would be more noticed by co-workers (We are both very private individuals). Having the children in school so they didn’t have questions was another benefit (haha, like they didn’t know we had too many arguments).It was definitely the best decision we could have made. By the time the first 45 minutes were up, we had discussed ourselves, our concerns, our issues, our problem, and our hopes for the future. If we had ended our session at that point, it would have been such a letdown. As the day went along, so many things came together.A long day like that could be exhausting but a long day of getting help, of being heard, of understanding what the other person was trying to tell you, all of that was so liberating that it was no more exhausting than continuing to walk around under the burden we had been carrying. It was a healthy tired feeling at the end of the day because you knew that you had accomplished something and there was hope for a happy, peaceful, future. Not everything was solved for us in one day; we had other long sessions (we became firm believers in that) but we made huge progress each time.I view it as similar to taking a 5 day Z-pack versus a regimen of antibiotics. Who wouldn’t want to feel better in a shorter time rather than a longer time? Especially after carrying around such heavy loads of sadness for so long.”

– Dee of Virginia –

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Navigating conflict in relationships is challenging yet essential. “Directly Turn Toward” marks the first of a concise 5-part video series presenting effective conflict resolution methods for improved communication and relationship preservation, particularly in marriages. These videos provide insights into conflict management, supplementing marriage counseling, or independently enhancing communication and stress coping. Ultimately, the series guides viewers towards cultivating harmonious connections, addressing the inevitability of conflicts, and countering the detrimental impacts on joy and connection.

Marriage Counseling: How to Manage Conflict in Marriage- Part 1 of 5

It is difficult to know how to how to manage conflict in relationships. It really is. In marriage, parenting, or other relationships, knowing how to manage conflict in ...relationships is vital.

Learning how to Directly Turn Toward as Opposed to Turning Away is the first (1st) of a 5-part video series where you will learn effective conflict resolution techniques to help you Communicate Better with your Partner and prevent divorce. These videos describe how to birth conflict management - especially regarding conflict within the confines of marriage or couples. This series can augment marriage counseling or it can be used to enhance communication and usher in stress management without ever having to receive couples counseling. In summary, this series show us how to manage conflict in relationships.

We want joy, peace, and connection. We want to know that we matter to someone. However, since conflict will take place, even in the best of relationships, and because conflict desires to steal joy from our lives, what will you do about it? We know from the research of Drs. John and Julia Gottman, that there are 4 things that kill relationships. John calls these 4 things "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" for "When you hear the hoofbeats, the end is soon to come." The good news is that the inverse of these four things, causes relationships to heal and thrive. This 5 part video series depicts these healing concepts in a very simple way that anyone can grasp and easily implement. If you do these 4 things, you can't have a bad relationship. We teach the skills to help us know how to manage conflict in relationships.

After watching the first video "D" in the DANCE be sure to check out the others in the series. Together, the DANCE can help you communicate better with your partner in everything you talk about.

D - ( Video #1 )
A - ( Video # 2 )
N - ( Video #3 )
C - ( Video #4 )
E - ( Video #5 )

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What is the Marriage Counseling Intensive Program like?

You get a sense of peace from the very first moment you enter into your Intensive Counseling for Marriage. Our specialized program helps couples repair and brings change. The Intensive has an awesome reputation for helping couples to achieve intimacy quickly. Couples come for the equivalent of 8 traditional sessions in a single day. The schedule typically looks like this: We begin at 10AM and have four 45 minute sessions back to back (3 actual clock hours). We then break for lunch and then have four more 45 minute sessions back to back beginning at 2PM (3 more actual clock hours). We end at 5PM. The Marriage Intensive day format can be is flexible to meet the specific needs of the couple involved.

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Why is a Marriage Counseling Intensive Best?

The Marriage Counseling Intensive program is different than traditional weekly sessions in several ways. Traditional sessions can feel too brief. It seems that you just get started and it is time to stop. An Intensive Counseling session brings concentrated effective, doses of marriage counseling by providing many sessions in a rapid fire format. Clients engaged in an Intensive find immediate, rapid, results.

Most couples wait multiple years after problems begin before they seek counseling. By that time, seeing a counselor 1 to 4 sessions a month, they find that it doesn’t provide the results they want. An Intensive Counseling program for Marriage is scripted to provide a powerful, life-changing experience in a brief period. These Intensives produce results.


If you have more questions or if you are ready to change your marriage now, call (434) 237-2655 and let us get you scheduled in for a Marriage Counseling Intensive. You can also email us by the “contact us” button and we’ll contact you ASAP.

We will gladly have a free phone conversation to see if an Intensive Counseling is a right move for you.

The fee for a Marriage Counseling Intensive is paid at scheduling and no refund can be obtained. If emergency or illness, the Intensive can be rescheduled with understanding that there is a $200 fee for rescheduling. The reason for such a massive charge is that the counselor sets aside the whole day for the Intensive Counseling Session and a cancellation is very, very heavy for the counselor. We apologize profusely, but we just haven’t found a good way around this. Sorry.

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What are the Issues addressed at Intensive Counseling?

We personalize each Intensive; thus so, what is addressed changes. Common topics include:

  • Affairs
  • Sexual Problems
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Parenting, Trust
  • Blending Families
  • Respect
  • Financial Differences
  • Role Expectations

Intensive Counseling for Marriage quickly addresses needs.

My spouse doesn’t want to come to the Marriage Counseling Intensive; can you call and sway him or her?

No, sorry, but we can’t convince the other person to attend our Marriage Counseling Intensive. From our experience we do know, however, that it’s not necessary for both to attend…we believe that it takes 1 to tango. We excitedly work with whomever is willing to attend. We happily answer his/her questions by phone about an Intensive Counseling Session. If your spouse won’t come, probably shorter sessions versus the Intensive are best.

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What Follows a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Follow up from a Marriage Counseling Intensive can take place through Private Video Conferencing / Teletherapy / Zoom, or in our office. You’re not just “left hanging” after a Marriage Counseling Intensive.

The Cost of a Marriage Counseling Intensive

This is Four 45 minute sessions back to back, followed by a lunch break. Upon return there are Four more 45 minute sessions back to back. This is the equivalent of 8 weekly sessions in one day! A Marriage Counseling Intensive may be for you.

A full 1 or 2 Day Marriage Counseling Intensive is highly recommended for relationships that have been through a great amount of trauma, relationships that are on the brink of divorce, or where traditional, weekly couples therapy has just plain failed. We can help you look at which format is best. A Counseling Intensive can be the jump-start that you need to get you on the road to feeling good.

Please check out the “Rates” page for the financial investment for a 1 or 2 day Weekend Intensive.

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