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No one wants to simply survive in a marriage. At times, in relationships that are new and at times in relationships that have been around a while negative relationship patterns take hold. This can happen even after years of smooth sailing. People feel hurt, angry, and afraid. Being stuck leads to a sense of frustration and helplessness. Communication breaks down, and conflict patterns repeat and escalate. Feelings of depression and anxiety are often part of the experience. Marriage Counseling Lynchburg can help.

Benefits of Intensive Counseling

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We actually know what research says about marital success.  There are 4 things that must happen over and over in order to bring the marriage that we all desire…

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Despite the best efforts of one or both people, things often do not change. Confusion grows. Unfortunately, the things that make marriage work are far from obvious. The good news is that with the right tools even very difficult problems can be overcome. Marriage Counseling Lynchburg.

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  • Turn toward rather than turn away during conflict.
  • Receive the influence of your partner verses defensiveness.
  • Overcome gridlocked positions that partners get locked into.
  • Avoid power struggles.
  • Manage conflict.
  • Remain responsive and respectful rather vs. reactive.
  • Put “problem talk” aside, and focus on building solutions.
  • Put aside contempt and take up nurturing.
  • Team work as parents.
  • Experience more love, intimacy and understanding.
  • Remain emotionally connected at the heart even during conflict.
  • Create mindful rituals to enjoy and remember.
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It is difficult to know how to how to manage conflict in relationships. It really is. In marriage, parenting, or other relationships, knowing how to manage conflict in relationships is vital.

Stop That
Downward Spiral…

One has to be able to distinguish between the content of a conflict – what people are fighting about – and the process by which it is handled – how people are:

  • Communicating
  • Problem-solving
  • Acting with one another

It is almost always a breakdown in the process that makes a conflict unmanageable. If partners are verbally attacking, withdrawing and cutting off communication, misunderstanding, or invalidating one another, progress cannot be made.

How many times have you knowingly entered into a conflict with your spouse when you already knew how badly it would end?

  • You knew what you would say
  • You knew what your spouse would say
  • You knew how you would feel
  • You knew how your spouse would feel
  • You even knew how it would end

Yet you entered in anyway. How frustrating. Couples get caught in a downward spiral of defensive reaction and negativity that feels gut-wrenching and out of control. The pattern is “circular” in that there is no real beginning or end to the cycle, and partners are reacting to one another in ways that actually reinforce their partner’s undesirable behavior! Marriage Counseling Lynchburg teaches you how to change all that.

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Seek Help from
a Professional

Recently a local business owner gave a good word picture to us.

“You know, I’m a professional at what I do, and I do a good job. If I need my car repaired, I take it to someone that is proficient in that area. If I have plumbing issues in my home, I call a top notch plumber. My wife and I just continued to struggle in our relationship, despite our best efforts. I didn’t learn how to do this right from my own dad and I don’t have the relationship with my father-in-law to learn it from him either. I just didn’t know what to do. Thus so, I thought it a good idea to call in a professional to help us with the most important thing in our lives…our marriage…at least that’s how I look at it.”

Change you have
been waiting for

A good counselor can help couples gain clarity about their interactions and break these painful cycles. When partners understand the impact they are having on one another they are then in a position to consider change. Being cared about, and being understood and respected in the communication process sets the stage for effective collaboration and problem-management. With hard work even very difficult issues may be overcome. Marriage Counseling Lynchburg helps you to bring the change you’ve been waiting for.


Right away, in the first session, we join with the couple to bring stability to the relationship. This stability is obtained much more quickly if the couple opts for the 90 minute sessions as opposed to the traditional 45 minute sessions. After this, education will be provided regarding the ingredients that must be present in order for a relationship to thrive. The educational process will also focus upon the ingredients that will make a marriage simply survive or die. Following this, the process of problem management will begin as you are shown how to rebuild or achieve emotional and relational intimacy. Marriage Counseling Lynchburg brings about connection.

Research shows that greater intensity helps people get better, faster, and that it is less expensive in the long run. That has been our experience as well. Thus, so, if at all possible, we recommend that you schedule a Full Intensive, or least 90 minute sessions versus the traditional 45 minute sessions. Chuck begins all new clients with a 1 or 2 day intensive. Marriage Counseling Lynchburg helps you to get on the road to feeling good. Please check our rates page for cost.

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