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Restore Your Routine & Relationships with Depression Counseling in Lynchburg

Lynchburg Depression Counseling – Achieving Peace of Mind:

Lynchburg Depression Counseling brings restoration to routine and relationships. We help you to achieve peace of mind. It is common for everyone to feel unhappy from time to time. We all feel the blues, but depression is different. When low mood is severe, or experienced for a long period of time, seeing a professional can help. Lynchburg Depression Counseling brings restoration.

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Depression can come on slowly or “Wham!” it can come out of nowhere and slam you to the floor. The symptoms vary from person to person and can come in degrees but for some folks may even find it difficult to do the simplest things. You might find it difficult to pack your kids’ lunch, go to work, brush your teeth, take a shower or do the laundry. Some describe depression as being in a dark hole and you can’t even find the sides of the hold to try to crawl up. Lynchburg Depression Counseling is there in crisis.

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Folks who are depressed often experience a lack of interest in daily activities. You may withdraw, feel too tired or may experience a change in appetite. Maybe you eat too much. Maybe you eat too little. You struggle to fall asleep or maybe your sleep is disrupted and you have difficulty falling back to sleeps. Lynchburg Depression Counseling brings energy.

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BEATING DEPRESSION with Depression Counseling in Lynchburg

Everyone goes through struggles in life, the key is to realize that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We tend to feel, when we are in difficult circumstances, that “it will never end”. The truth is, there is an end and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Core Life Issues are a Focus

You may have difficulty with concentration and memory. Maybe there is a decreased appetite for sex. In addition to the low mood that we normally associate with depression, one can also find that their mood is just irritable, they have a difficult time making decisions and maybe even have thought of suicide or have a desire to be dead. This is called a death wish. Lynchburg Depression Counseling brings life.

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Trauma is Healed

Depression can also follow a significant loss or trauma. Maybe you lost a person to death or experienced a loss of relationship yet the person remains alive. Maybe you lost a job or maybe a dream that you poured yourself into for years did not come about. Maybe you experienced an accident or you are the survivor of abuse or an attack. Lynchburg Depression Counseling brings healing.

We Literally Change Your Physical Brain

With counseling, change can happen as you retrain your brain. You can unlearn old, unhealthy thinking patterns and learn new, fresh ways of thinking and coping. We will walk with you to assess the causes and effects of your depressive symptoms. Lynchburg Depression Counseling makes changes at the core.

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Helps Heal the Hurts

Depression is common and it hurts. One of five people experience depression at some point in their lives. It affects not only our emotions but it affects our personal lives and affects our relationships as well. Depression Counseling stops the pain.

Lynchburg Depression Counseling Works

If you are currently experiencing depression or if someone you love is depressed, please know that depression is very treatable. We can help you to move from where you are to where you want to be. You can fully recover and even move beyond where you have ever been. Depression Counseling helps you to get on the road to feeling really, really good.

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Research Proven Methods are used

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used to reprogram destructive thinking, unpleasant feelings, and destructive doing. CBT births clear and structured action plans to help you move from old destructive patterns and replace them with new ways of thinking. This literally changes the actual fabric of the brain. It carves new neural pathways in the same way that medication changes the brain. Lynchburg Depression Counseling literally changes the brain.

Destructive Thought Patterns are Changed

We often use CBT when working with our clients. We help you identify the distorted thoughts that cause the unpleasant emotions. We train you to question the accuracy of these thoughts and come up with newer, healthier, ones. Sounds simple enough but it is actually a very difficult thing to do in day to day life and a professional is often needed to help to make these changes. Lynchburg Depression Counseling stops stink’n think’n.

Day to Day Living is Revamped

We help you to assess how your daily routines affect your mood and we look at how possibly changing some of them can also decrease the depression. Lynchburg Depression Counseling helps you to specifically tailor a plan of action specific to your individual needs.

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