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When can I begin the Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling Program?

The Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling Program can help you. Our Counselors  can begin helping you to feel better immediately. Call 434.237.2655 and get scheduled for an assessment right away.

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about Sexual Addiction Counseling…

Repeated attempts to stop? Bad things happening to you or your family due to your use? Plagued by guilt and shame? We can help…

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What is the First Step for the Sexual Addiction Program?

To take the first step toward recovery, contact us by phone at (434.237.2655) or by email to set up an initial consultation. Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness is here for you.

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Addressing Sexual Acting Out

When in sexual addiction, sexual “acting out” becomes the center of the sex addict’s life. The addict may promise, time and again without success, that he or she will stop the sexual behavior —thus disrupting healthy expressions of sexuality into self-defeating and damaging behaviors. Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness brings healing.

The Sexual Addiction Counseling Program realizes that sexual acting out may include, but is not limited to: compulsive viewing of pornography, compulsive masturbation, compulsive relationships/affairs, indecent phone calls, and prostitution. Sexual acting out may progress to voyeurism, exhibitionism, rape, and even progress to the point of incest and child molestation. If sexual addiction is present in your life, we can help you break the cycle. Together we will pursue a course of counseling that will make it possible for you to regain your life. Our Sexual Addiction Program brings hope.

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Who Will be Leading the Sexual Addiction Program?

We have various individuals at the Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling Program who can be of assistance.

How Long are the Appointments?

The initial individual assessment will be a session of at least 45 minutes. After that we will reschedule you to meet again. This date will be a decision made between you and your therapist. Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling .

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Will I be seen individually or will I be in a group?

We’ll talk with you about the different options.  Group therapy is actually more powerful and group therapy is a lot more economical than individual therapy.  Please see our RATES PAGE for the more up to date listing of cost  for the Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling program best suited for you.

The Sexual Addiction Counseling Program looks at what Sexual Addiction really is.

Sexual Addiction Counseling addresses the issue of Sexual addiction which can be defined as any sexually-related, compulsive behavior that brings disruption to one’s life and causes damaging stress on family, loved ones, friends or work.

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We know Sexual Addiction Steals from Your Life and from the Lives of Those Closest to You.

The sexual addict is sacrificing life’s most important experiences and relationships to find the next “sexual high.” Sometimes sexual “acting out” is an escape from pain; it also perpetuates pain from constantly going against one’s own values about family, faith, and friends. We will teach you to implement proven therapeutic techniques to arrest the addiction. Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling restores relationships.

The Sexual Addiction Program Makes it Possible to Recover from Sexual Addiction.

You will enter our safe and secure environment, where you can learn powerful and proven techniques to overcome sexual addiction to pornography and other sexual addictions. The Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling Program helps you break the power of this addiction.

What is the Cost of the Sexual Addiction Program?

Please see our RATES PAGE for our current out of pocket rate. We will also use your insurance if you would like. Since there is no official diagnosis of “Sexual Addiction” our expert will work with you to determine another diagnosis for which you possibly meet the criteria. We can possibly use this diagnosis code to submit the claims to your insurance company.

For Adolescents and Adults.

People of all ages struggle with sexual addictions. Lynchburg Sexual Addiction Counseling is available for individuals ages 12 and above.

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