Join Our Team!

At Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness, we make practice happen for you immediately. We regularly hear about the jobs that colleagues are forced to take to get experience and make a living. Folks regularly say “I didn’t go to school for all those years for this…” At Wyndhurst Counseling we can have you going instantly. The thing that takes the longest is to get you paneled with insurance companies but we will make this happen as well. So, if you are a believer in Christian Counseling, we may be the answer you’ve been looking for and you may be who we’ve been looking for as well!

What’s so great about Us?

We want every day to be fun. Mostly it’s people like you. People who like people, love helping people, and can get behind our “Attitude Matters” culture and philosophy. WCC has been providing high-quality counseling services to individuals, couples, and families since 2004. We share a calling and work together in a private practice setting. Each counselor specializes working with a specific clientele that they are knowledgeable and passionate about serving.

There are Many Perks to Being Part of Us?

  • A 70% / 30% Split
  • Tastefully designed and fully furnished offices
  • Website that’s state of the art
  • Your professional profile and web marketing designed for you
  • Initial scheduling and rescheduling of appointments done for you
  • IT support
  • Credentialing/paneling for insurance companies completed for you
  • Clinical autonomy
  • We provide for you an electronic documentation service
  • We totally deal with insurance companies on an ongoing basis for you
  • Exceptional reception support


We began in 2004 and are going stronger. We are a leader in our industry and are recognized for high reliability, great client satisfaction, and respected for delivering dependable therapy. With that foundation, we’re well-positioned for the long term.


We believe the different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas of our team members help make us a better company, and our culture values those differences. We have great people with great attitudes. Our staff will take care of you…

Fulfilling Work…

As a WCW team member, you’ll have a comfortable work environment where your skills are highly valued. We need innovative team members who are driven to make things better for us and for our clients. Your expertise could lead us successfully into the future.

Our Goal

Our goal has always to been to build a team of fun people who are interested in working together towards sharpening our craft as clinicians and helping our clients. The field we’re in deals with a great deal of stress but working with us isn’t a high-stress environment. You decide your schedule and set the number of hours that you want to work. At The WCW we believe in balancing our work with your life.

Where To Start?

You can contact me directly by email – or call my personal cell (434) 509-7888. I look forward to hearing from you! Oh, yea. Please call before 8PM ET. Some would say I’m old!

Working with The us is more than just a job. Want to come along for the ride?