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Experienced Counseling in Lynchburg, VA

Couples talking after a session with Chuck Rodgers at Wyndhurst Counseling CenterIf you are tired of trying to overcome stress on your own, Lynchburg Counseling of Wyndhurst may be for you. The impact of chronic stress can be very debilitating both physically (e.g., headaches, high blood pressure, a weaker immune system) and emotionally (distractedness, low self-esteem, and depression). Lynchburg Counseling can help.

Lynchburg Counseling: All of these effects can interfere with a person’s ability to find fulfillment in work, fulfillment in family life, and fulfillment in relationships. We find that people often enter counseling because their ongoing exposure to stress has resulted in their feeling powerless to change. Counseling becomes an engaging process of working together to discover insights and new choices. These new choices, in and of themselves, may be scarey too. We provide the ongoing support you need as you see these changes through. We’re not interested in short term change. We’re interested in lifestyle changes that stick. It’s not will-power. It’s skill-power. Your new life is just around the corner and we would like to be with you on that journey. Lynchburg Counseling is there.

Lynchburg Counseling: In today’s challenging world, the experience of being stressed and overwhelmed is all too familiar. Whether your problems are related to work, finances, relationships, home life, or physical challenges (e.g., fatigue, lack of drive, weight struggles, medical issues), counseling can provide a place to share your current struggles or work out past difficulties. We offer counseling that includes support and validation, as well as a gentle push when necessary in order to help you gain better control of your life and emotions. Finding a way to balance the many demands in your life is critical achieving and maintaining emotional health. Lynchburg Counseling is available now.

Lynchburg Counseling: We have extensive experience in assisting clients with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and dependence, panic attacks, low self-esteem/poor self-image, grief, emotional and relational distance within the family, and issues surrounding chronic medical illnesses. Lynchburg Counseling can quickly help.