Seasonal Motherhood Workshop

From Pregnancy to Postpartum Group

January 19 & January 26, 2024, 6-9 PM

Both Sessions for 2 People (Expecting Mother and 1 Support Person) $195.00

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Embrace the Journey of Seasonal Motherhood with Understanding and Support

Welcome to “Seasonal Motherhood: From Pregnancy to Postpartum,” a unique group counseling session designed by Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness. This workshop is a sanctuary for mothers-to-be and those in different stages of pregnancy and motherhood. It was created to offer guidance, support, and a community that understands the intricate journey from pregnancy to postpartum.

Alyssa Harold


Alyssa has over a decade of experience in the mental health field, and has been interested in the impacts of motherhood on mental health for the last several years. She has spent the last 2 years specifically working with mothers in all stages of motherhood, and recently obtained a certification in Perinatal Mental Health. Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum are not only critical stages for a mother and family’s physical health, but also their mental health. Together, we can change the way we support new mothers each time they have a new baby. You are truly not alone.

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Who is the Motherhood Workshop for?

This Seasonal Motherhood: From Pregnancy to Postpartum Workshop is for both first time parents and second + time parents. Some information will be specific to parents who already have older children, for women who already have a mental health diagnosis, or have have had perinatal/postpartum Anxiety, OCD, or Depression will also benefit greatly from this information. This workshop is all about empowering couples (or mother’s and their support person) to think through difficult questions related to birth, monitor changes in mother’s mental health, and work through/find support during the challenges that the postpartum period presents.

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Seasonal Motherhood Workshop – Questions and Answers:

The cost for the Seasonal Motherhood Workshop is $195.00
  • Six (6) hours of time (3 hours per night)
  • The Seasonal Motherhood Workbook
  • Snacks and water
While the workshop fee covers all the essentials of the “Seasonal Motherhood: From Pregnancy to Postpartum” program, we may also introduce participants to a network of specialized community providers. These providers offer various services that can further enrich your motherhood journey.

Please note: Should you decide to hire any of these community providers for their services, any fees associated with their services will be your responsibility.

Participants in our “Seasonal Motherhood: From Pregnancy to Postpartum” workshop will receive an enriching suite of resources designed to support you through each step of your motherhood journey:

Community Provider Network: We will introduce you to an array of local experts in Lynchburg, VA’s birth and wellness community. Here are some connections you will discover:

  • Lynchburg VA Doula
  • Lactation consultants
  • Postpartum support professionals
  • Birth and bereavement photographers
  • Fertility Awareness Method Practitioners
  • and others…

Seasonal Motherhood Workbook: Every participant will receive our workbook, a designed companion for your transition through the seasons of motherhood.

Together, these resources offer a comprehensive support system, empowering you with knowledge and local expertise to navigate the path of motherhood with confidence and community support.

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Signup can be done by referral from another therapist and contacting Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness at 434-237-2655.
  • Additional workshops on relevant topics are to come soon!
  • Alyssa is available for individual sessions if client’s desire individual counseling (at WCW rates)

Participant may cancel prior to January 19th for emergencies. Fee covers both workshop evenings, and no partial refunds are available for attending either/or.

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Workshop Overview: Day 1

  • Birth Expectations
  • Communication Strategies
  • Community Resources
  • Perinatal Mood
  • Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
  • Pregnancy Check-In
  • Tracking Prenatal Symptoms
  • Implementing Top 3

Workshop Overview: Day 2

  • Community Resources
  • Plan of Action Surround Birth
  • Preparation for the Postpartum Period
  • Boundary Setting
  • Parenting Through Postpartum
  • Creating a Postpartum Plan
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Embracing Wholeness in Motherhood: Your Journey from Pregnancy to Postpartum Wellness

“Seasonal Motherhood” is not just about navigating the physical changes and challenges of pregnancy and postpartum but also about understanding and nurturing your mental health. From managing expectations around birth to preparing for the postpartum period, we cover diverse topics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to motherhood wellness.

This workshop is a safe space to explore, learn, and grow together. It’s an opportunity to form lasting bonds with other mothers, share experiences, and gain access to valuable resources and community support. We believe in the power of shared stories and collective wisdom to uplift and empower every mother in our community.

Join us as we take on this journey together, embracing the seasons of motherhood with grace, strength, and the support of a community that truly understands.

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At Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness, we offer individual counseling, family counseling, and other support services in addition to the Seasonal Motherhood Workshop. Our comprehensive approach to treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and help them achieve long-term recovery.

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