Wyndhurst Counseling Center has closed its office in Roanoke at this time. When Stress gets to a point where you are losing control over the things around you, it can feel as if you are dealing with more than you can bear. Heavy stress can take its toll causing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, loss of sleep, loss of patience and much more. The Therapists at Wyndhurst Counseling understand these changes and can help you get back on a path of feeling better. Even though we do not have a presence in Roanoke, we do have an office in Bedford with a Therapist who can help you learn how to better manage the stresses around you. Additional services are provided in the main Lynchburg office. If you are at a point where you don’t know where to turn, please call our main office at 434-237-2655 or fill out the contact us form. We are here to help and will get you with the best Therapist to help you get there.

As always, we look forward to providing the best in care for you and “helping you feel better, faster.”

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The heart cry of Roanoke Stress Management Counseling is having counseling that respetfully and professionally done. Our stellor approach results in movement. Wyndhurst Roanoke Stress Management Counseling decreases stress and increases your satisfaction with life.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Roanoke Stress Management Counseling …

Strong, professional, counseling is now in Roanoke. Stessed out? Theres a better way…and we know it…

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Knows about about Stress

In balanced dosages, anxiety can be a good thing. Modest stress and anxiety can be used to push us to new places and to mabye work harder. The flip side is that when stress and anxiety are larger than our ability to deal, it can steal our health, our joy, and our peace. This happens both on and off the job. Roanoke Stress Management Counseling brings balance.

Relavent data shows work associated stress could in fact put some individuals at a great risk of heart disease, similar to the pace of those using tobacco products and with those with high levels of cholesterol. Workplace anxiety adds to lowered spirits, increased sick days and lower levels of work efficiency. Roanoke Stress Management Counseling.

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Identifies Symptoms of Stress

Physical indicators of stress are:

  • Being Short of breath
  • Excessive Tiredness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety – often felt in the gastro region
  • Sleep too much or sleep too little
  • Marked changes in eating

Psychological indicators of stress are:

  • Complaints of feeling “burned-out”
  • Depressed or low mood
  • Feelings of impatience
  • Feelings of powerlessnes
  • Loss of drive
  • Loss of enjoyment

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling is Experienced in Dealing with Stress.

The experienced therapists at Wyndhurst Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Center see the stress encountered by our companies and our staff. We’re equipped with techniques to reduce work stress. We can strengthen your limits and help you to strengthen your relationships in the workplace. We assist with time monitoring, enlarge business skills, show you how to collaborate and problem solve, and increase your capacity to handle overall anxiety and stress. Roanoke Stress Management Counseling.

ID of Triggers is Important at Roanoke Stress Management Counseling.

The speed of life and the obstacles of modern life make stress and anxiety management a must for each person. To monitor your stress, begin by recognizing the triggers. “What makes me hot?” What makes me super impatient, stressd, or strained?” Do you frequently get migraines or have frequent indigestion without any known reason? Roanoke Stress Management Counseling looks at all factors.

Some factors, such as relational stress, work stress or financial strain, are sometimes very easy to spot. Sometimes, however, daily inconveniences as well as missed, such as waiting in lengthy lines or showing late to an engagement. Roanoke Stress Management Counseling sees that these too add to your tension.

Also, favorable occasions, such as getting married, moving, or buying a home can be demanding. Any adjustment to your life can create anxiety. We’ll look at your stress level and then we’ll assist in thinking of techniques for management. At Roanoke Stress Management Counseling, we help you decide where where you’d like to begin as you bring new management to your new life.

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Develops Strategies.

Stressors are numerous: Home, relationships, work health…you name it! Anxiety and stress come from everywhere. Your desire is to regulate and respond. And you want to respond well. Because life sometimes throws curves you just want to respond in a better way. We don’t think that is too much to ask. Don’t think for a moment that you need to figure all this out on your own. Not at all. Look to others. Ask family. Ask friends. Ask someone who specializes in this area. That would be us! Roanoke Stress Management Counseling.

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Brings Balance.

Getting a balanced, healthy way of living can assist you in tension reduction. Consuming a healthy, balanced diet, working out consistently and getting good rest are all important. Also a good idea to spend limited time in front of the screens – phone, computer, tablet and tv, as well as more time generally relaxing. Roanoke Stress Management Counseling helps you make healthy choices.

Roanoke Stress Management Counseling Knows That Life Can Get Better.

At Roanoke Stress Management Counseling, we know anxiety will not disappear. Because of this, stress management must be a way of life. It is vital to keep track of what births tension as well as keeping track of how to rewind, unwind, and implement the new new strategies. While stress cannot be eliminated, Roanoke Stress Management Counseling can eliminate the grip it has had on you.

Call Roanoke Stress Management Counseling today at (434) 237.2655.