Wyndhurst Counseling Center has closed its office in Roanoke at this time. Sexual Addiction, like other addictions, can take control of your life and make you feel as if there is not a way out. If you are tired of sacrificing relationships due to your sexual addiction, we have trained counselors at Wyndhurst Counseling Center with techniques that can help you gain control of your life again. Even though we do not have a presence in Roanoke any longer, offer services in our Lynchburg office that can help you get on that road to recovery. If you are at a point where you don’t know where to turn, please call our main office at 434-237-2655 or fill out the contact us form. We are here to help and will get you with the best Therapist to help you get there.

As always, we look forward to providing the best in care for you and “helping you feel better, faster.”

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I’m hurting. How Soon Can I join the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program?

Right away. The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling program has a Licensed Professional on staff that can get you moving forward immediately. We have no waiting list.

The First Step for the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program?

Step One in the recovery process is to simply call us at (434.237.2655) or to email us at The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program is easy to access.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling…

Stop the guilt. Stop the shame. Stop the hurting for you and for your family. We know what to do and we can help you today…

Who is Leading the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program?

The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program is led by a Licensed Professional Counselor who is also an expert in addiction treatment.

The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program knows Sexual Addiction.

Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling realizes that Sexual Addiction is any behavior that is sexual in nature that is compulsive and disrupts the life of the individual, family, friends, or workplace.

The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program Identifies Sexual Acting Out.

When in sexual addiction, “acting out” sexually is center stage. Repeated promises to change are the norm. The addict often has good intentions to change but going it alone simply results in repeated sexual acting out and additional pain for the addict and the family. Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling births healing.

At the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program we know that acting out sexually often includes, pornography, masturbating compulsively, compulsively being involved in unhealthy relationships and affairs, phone calls of a sexual nature, and prostitution.

Sexual acting out is progressive in nature and like alcohol and drugs, one develops a tolerance level. In other words, what I once found erotic and fulfilling no longer does it for me. Thus so, I now need a higher level of acting out. The addict may now involve himself in voyeurism and exhibitionism. The addict may even progress to rape, incest and child molestation. Most individuals never see this happening to them, but it does.

If you are sexually addicted, please know that we are here. We can be with you to end the misery and start the healing,. We will form a partnership with you that will make it possible to regain your life or to to give to you a life that you have never had. Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling means hope.

The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program knows that Addiction is a Thief.

Sexual addiction means that you are sacrificing life’s most valuable relationships and experiences to achieve the next “sexual high.” Sexual acting out can be an escape. It also births pain due to one going against the values of faith, friends, and family. We know the techniques that arrest sexual addiction. We will train you. Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling renews relationships.

At the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program, We Make Recovery Possible.

We provide a safe environment, that makes learning possible. We know the proven and powerful techniques that overcome sexual addiction to pornography and other damaging sexual addictions. The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program partners with you to break the power sexual addiction.

The Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program treats Adults and Adolescents.

Sexual addiction affects people of all ages. Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling provides treatment for adolescents who are at least 13 years of age.

The Cost of Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling?

Please check out our Rates Page for the current rate. We can also use insurance if you have insurance and you would like for us to try this route. Since there isn’t an official diagnosis for “Sexual Addiction” our professional will team up with you in determining a different diagnosis for which the criteria is met. Most likely we can then use this code to send the claim to the insurance carrier for you so that all you have to pay is the copay/coinsurance.

What are the length of the Appointments for treatment at the Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling Program?

The first appointment will be at least 45 minutes. Following this session, you will be rescheduled for follow up with an appointment that works with your schedule. Roanoke Sexual Addiction Counseling.