Wyndhurst Counseling Center has closed its office in Roanoke at this time. If you are feeling uneasy or nervous, you could be dealing with Anxiety. Coping with anxiety is not easy, and we understand how difficult this can be. Let one of our trained Professional Counselors at our office in Bedford help you to break free of the chains that hold you down with your Anxious feelings. For additional services we also have a Lynchburg office. If you are at a point where you don’t know where to turn, please call our main office at 434-237-2655 or fill out the contact us form. We are here to help and will get you with the best Therapist to help you get there.

As always, we look forward to providing the best in care for you and “helping you feel better, faster.”

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Roanoke Anxiety Counseling maintains counseling that is thorough and professional. Our kind and comfortable way brings peace and brings movement. …Wyndhurst Roanoke Anxiety Counseling delivers energy to your process.

A Word from Chuck Rodgers about Roanoke Anxiety Counseling…

Powerful Counseling in Roanoke.  Need change?  We got that…

Roanoke Anxiety Counseling – Counselors in Roanoke, VA

Some people describe anxiety as feeling a little uneasy or nervous. In reality, it’s fear that has many symptoms. It might make it somewhat difficult to work. It may make it difficult engaging socially…school, family, church…other gatherings. Sounding familiar?

This is a very, very familiar story for the staff of Roanoke Anxiety Counseling.

If you have a long history of fighting with anxiety, we want you to know that it is all too common. Actually, extremely common. Many millions of Americans struggle through anxiety. While this condition may have devastated you in the past, know it no longer has to win. You awaken, it is there…you march through your day…it is there…you fall asleep with it…try to fall asleep with it. Know that you aren’t alone in this battle; you are not alone in winning. Roanoke Anxiety Counseling is here for you.

Anxiety: Through Roanoke Anxiety Counseling, fear gets pushed away…

At Wyndhurst Roanoke Anxiety Counseling we walk along side you to end your anxiety. It no longer keeps you bound. Professional, powerful, counseling helps. Our professional team is experienced in the science of counseling. Roanoke Anxiety Counseling walks along with you and brings change to old harmful thoughts and exchanges them with newer life-giving messages.

Roanoke Anxiety Counseling delivers a new & peaceful life. Please call us today…(434) 237-2655!

At times the symptoms of anxiety have a definable beginning. You know for sure what event/events served as triggers. Sometimes, it is different and the symptoms come on subtly over time. If not dealt with, the outcome may be debilitating. At times, promotions aren’t achieved at work. Roanoke Anxiety Counseling knows that sometimes, relationship stressors are birthed due to one not wanting to go out and the other is tired of sitting home. Sometimes people complain of a vague and general sense of discomfort. Anxiety can also affect one’s physical health. Heart issues, digestive issues, respiratory issues…to name a few.  Everybody’s case is a little different. Great news, though…we are here to help at Wyndhurst Roanoke Anxiety Counseling; we know how to treat anxiety and we do it…

Anxiety: As You Team with Roanoke Anxiety Counseling, Anxiety no longer gets to win. Don’t allow it to be boss another day…

Wyndhurst Roanoke Anxiety Counseling is built of caring therapists who provide top notch counseling and do it every time. They join with you to form a team to get rid of the stress that is packaged for you by anxiety. Some want to identify the triggers of the anxiety. Using sound counseling, we can do that. Some find no befit in identifying the reason for the anxiety and simply desire to move forward. With counseling, we can do that too. We’re aware that that you have only one job in life and that’s to manage you Together, we will teach you the necessary skills to remove stress and freely breathe again. Roanoke Anxiety Counseling can help.

The hope of Roanoke Anxiety Counseling is that you have not bought into the lies of Anxiety…that things can’t change. With the right therapist, change is within your grasp.

Great counseling is very affordable. Every and every session at Roanoke Anxiety Counseling is so affordable. We’ll will work hard to get you in right away with a session time that works for your schedule. Why put this off for another day. Call us today and experience freedom that Roanoke Anxiety Counseling brings. Call  us today…(434) 237-2655!