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Spiritually Integrated Therapeutic Process

Christian Counseling Roanoke VA – Our Mission

At Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness, we’re devoted to providing compassionate, Biblically-based counseling to residents of Roanoke VA. Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, our goal is to help you work through life’s challenges with professional expertise and authentic care.

Our counselors are available to offer the support you need, whether you’re seeking hope, looking for guidance, or just need someone to listen to your concerns. We also understand the importance of flexibility, which is why we offer virtual sessions that fit seamlessly into your schedule. This can save you valuable time and eliminate a drive to our Lynchburg location. If you prefer in-person sessions, you’re always welcome to visit us at our Lynchburg facility.

Call us today to schedule your first session with one of our skilled and professional counselors at 434-237-2655.

Our Promise

  • We promise to provide you with high-quality, well-trained, educated, and experienced Christian counselors. Our team is dedicated, professional, and has a genuine heart for hurting people. Christian Counseling Roanoke VA is here to support you.
  • Our mission is grounded in the compassion and conviction of Christ. We are committed to our personal devotional lives, encouraging authentic Christian community among our team and serving the wider community with dedication. At Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness, we stand by this commitment to Christian Counseling.
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Our Philosophy

Life is full of challenges, and experiencing sorrow and suffering is part of our human journey. At Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness, we believe in finding strength through these difficult times rather than letting them define us. Suffering can appear in many forms, such as:

  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Issues with sexuality
  • Challenges in emotional and relational connections

These hardships can make us forget our worth. It’s important to face our pain with honesty and compassion to avoid falling into unhelpful habits like anxiety, isolation, and self-medication, which only deepen the suffering. Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness Virtual Christian Counseling in Roanoke, VA is here to provide you with the understanding and care you need to address these challenges effectively.

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Honoring Your Faith in Counseling

At Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness, we respect your personal faith journey. We don’t preach or try to convert. Instead, we incorporate spirituality into therapy based on your preferences, even in our virtual sessions. We aim to understand whether your faith supports your healing or adds to your struggles. Once we grasp the role of spirituality in your life, we integrate this understanding into our therapeutic approach to achieve your goals. Virtual Christian Counseling in Roanoke VA offers and approach that listens to you and honors your unique spiritual path.

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Helping to get you on the road to feeling very good

Our team of counselors brings a wealth of experience and dedication to Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness. If having a Christian Counselor is a priority, rest assured that you’re well cared for with us. Roanoke Christian Counseling offers Virtual sessions and is committed to helping you embark on a journey toward well-being and inner peace through our flexible virtual sessions or visits to our Lynchburg location.

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