The heart-beat of Charlottesville Codependency Counseling is to breathe counseling that is strong and gentle. Our unique approach brings the helpful nudge that you must have…Charlottesville Codependency Counseling brings the live breathe that you have needed for a long time.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Charlottesville Codependency Counseling…

Excellent Counseling is readily available in Charlottesville. Change…newness…a fresh start? We all need a do-over and your time is now…We bring the nutrients you crave…

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Looks at Connections

You may have heard the term, Codependency. It has been around for a while and it has been written about extensively. Initially, this term was applied to folks closely connected to one addicted to alcohol and drugs. In the same way that one would be addicted to the substance, the codependent person would also develop certain behaviors in response to the behaviors of the addicted person. These behaviors – this way of living is codependency. Charlottesville Codependency Counseling helps you to seriously look at whether or not you want your life to continue in this way.

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Helps You to Really Live

This term, over the years, has been associated with an individual’s unhealthy responses be behaviors, emotions, or words. We are easily influenced by others, especially if the other is someone that we love. These interactions become a normal part of life; they can be wonderful and healthy. These interactions can also be debilitating and destructive. If you find that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are often greatly dictated by how the other person might feel or act, then maybe you have slipped into codependency. Charlottesville Codependency Counseling.

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Knows the Signs

  • Fear of speaking your mind due to it not being okay
  • Fear of not being approved
  • You are too hard on yourself
  • Exhaustion due to too much care-taking
  • Feeling as if you are responsible for the other’s thoughts, feelings, choices
  • Have way too high standards for yourself yet let others off the hook
  • Get stuck in relationships that are unhealthy and can’t get out of them

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Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Gives New Vision

There’s a much better way. We will come along side of you to help you make changes…to have healthy relationships and to see yourself in a whole new way. There’s just no need to struggle this way any longer. A new life is available and it’s not far away.

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Knows Boundaries

Boundaries, at Charlottesville Codependency Counseling, is a word that is common. It’s also difficult, sometimes, to set them and to maintain them. Sometimes boundaries are physical. Sometimes boundaries are emotional. If you don’t think much of yourself it is difficult for others to think much of you either. We teach people how to treat us. You may find that you often give up your own needs in order to accommodate the needs of others. You may find that you have let slip things and people that you once enjoyed in order to keep the peace. Charlottesville Codependency Counseling bring back your life.

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Begins the Healing

Folks struggling with codependency spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about people and worrying about things over which they may not even have much or any control. You’ve got to know that you have a voice and know that you can use it…in a healthy way…

Charlottesville Codependency Counseling Gives Voice Lessons

  • No. No. Practice saying this. It gets easier.
  • The next time someone shares a problem, just validate their experience…don’t take it on.
  • Spend some time really putting a label on the feelings that you are having.
  • When you’re not feeling well, do a gut check. Ask yourself what you need and meet that need.
  • Do something that will make you happy and see what happens. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you

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