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Are you looking to improve your well-being and personal growth or connect with a supportive community? Welcome to Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness, where we offer a range of counseling workshops designed for Charlottesville residents. Most of our Workshops are in-person at our Lynchburg, VA, location; however, we do offer virtual sessions occasionally. We are here to support you. Join us in a nurturing atmosphere where you can learn, share, and flourish.


Curious about what makes relationships thrive? The Gottman Seven Principles Program is rooted in comprehensive research on relationship dynamics. This workshop is perfect for couples seeking to improve their connection and sweeten their relationship.

  • Gain practical, research-based relationship skills
  • Improve communication and resolve conflicts effectively
  • Deepen emotional intimacy and connection
  • Locations vary based on the hosting entity
Strengthen Your Relationship

Cooperative Parenting Through Separation and Divorce

Working through the process of separation or divorce can be challenging, particularly when children are affected. Our Cooperative Parenting Through Separation and Divorce workshop helps parents manage this transition with effective communication and cooperation.

  • Develop effective co-parenting strategies
  • Reduce conflict and improve communication
  • Prioritize your children’s well-being
  • In-person workshop held in Lynchburg, worth the drive from Charlottesville
Start Building a Cooperative Team

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Wouldn’t it be nice if parenting came with a handbook? We understand that as a parent, encouraging healthy, respectful, and loving relationships with your children is important to you. That’s why our “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” workshop offers practical techniques to help you achieve this.

  • Apply practical and effective parenting techniques
  • Create a loving and respectful family environment
  • Manage discipline positively
  • In-person workshop in Lynchburg, a valuable resource for Charlottesville parents
Master Parenting Skills

Group for Working Mamas

Finding a balance between work and motherhood can feel overwhelming at times. Our Working Moms Support Group offers a supportive space to share experiences, address difficulties, and acknowledge achievements. We cover a range of topics such as time management, self-care, and ways to manage both work and personal life successfully.

  • Connect with other working moms
  • Learn effective time management and self-care practices
  • Better balance work and family life
  • Virtual workshop accessible from anywhere
Join our group of Working Moms

Why Choose Our Workshops?

Engaging in a workshop at Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness means more than just acquiring new skills,-it means joining a community. It’s an opportunity to meet individuals who can relate to your experiences and gain assistance from a skilled counselor who will assist you throughout the process. Our workshops involve active participation and are designed to make it simpler for you to grasp and implement new knowledge.

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Ready to take the next step? Signing up is simple! Visit our Contact Us Form or give us a call at 434-237-2655.. We’re here to answer any questions and help you find the workshop that best suits your needs. Remember, investing in your mental health is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself.

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So, why wait? Join us at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness and explore the benefits of our counseling workshops, now available to residents of Charlottesville, VA.

Whether virtual or just a short drive away, our workshops are created to help you thrive.

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