Marriage Counseling Intensive

Effective Changes in Charlottesville, Va

Why Choose Charlottesville Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Our specialized Marriage Counseling Intensive is designed for couples seeking to thrive. This life-changing experience offers an effective approach to healing and revitalizing relationships. With comprehensive packages tailored for married couples, our Intensive Counseling sessions deliver profound transformation in a short period.

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Insights on Intensive Marriage Counseling

Discover the beauty of marriage. Thrive instead of just surviving. Our 1 or 2 Day Marriage Intensive accelerates your journey to a better relationship.

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Couples nationwide choose our Marriage Intensive to fortify their relationships. Whether flying in, driving, or utilizing Private Video Conferencing through Zoom (Teletherapy), each format offers remarkable results.

Don’t worry about technology—we’ll guide you every step, ensuring a seamless experience focused on facilitating change. Our Marriage Counseling Intensive meets you in Charlottesville or wherever you are.

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“After two decades of marriage, my spouse and I acknowledged our imperfections and sought help. Communication was lacking, and listening proved to be a challenge. Seeking counseling at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness was a relief, offering hope and a burden lifted. Opting for an Intensive session saved time and minimized disruption to our daily lives. The experience was transformative. Though not all issues were resolved in one day, each session brought significant progress. I would compare this to a short course of antibiotics versus a lengthier regimen — a quicker path to healing from years of sadness.”

– Teresa of Virginia –

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Delve into effective conflict resolution with “Directly Turn Toward,” the inaugural segment of a brief 5-part series. Designed to enhance communication and preserve relationships, particularly in marriages, these five videos offer insights into conflict management. Whether as a supplement to marriage counseling or independently, they empower viewers to navigate conflicts, foster harmonious connections, and counter the impacts on joy and connection.

Marriage Counseling: How to Manage Conflict in Marriage- Part 1 of 5

It is difficult to know how to how to manage conflict in relationships. It really is. In marriage, parenting, or other relationships, knowing how to manage conflict in ...relationships is vital.

Learning how to Directly Turn Toward as Opposed to Turning Away is the first (1st) of a 5-part video series where you will learn effective conflict resolution techniques to help you Communicate Better with your Partner and prevent divorce. These videos describe how to birth conflict management - especially regarding conflict within the confines of marriage or couples. This series can augment marriage counseling or it can be used to enhance communication and usher in stress management without ever having to receive couples counseling. In summary, this series show us how to manage conflict in relationships.

We want joy, peace, and connection. We want to know that we matter to someone. However, since conflict will take place, even in the best of relationships, and because conflict desires to steal joy from our lives, what will you do about it? We know from the research of Drs. John and Julia Gottman, that there are 4 things that kill relationships. John calls these 4 things "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" for "When you hear the hoofbeats, the end is soon to come." The good news is that the inverse of these four things, causes relationships to heal and thrive. This 5 part video series depicts these healing concepts in a very simple way that anyone can grasp and easily implement. If you do these 4 things, you can't have a bad relationship. We teach the skills to help us know how to manage conflict in relationships.

After watching the first video "D" in the DANCE be sure to check out the others in the series. Together, the DANCE can help you communicate better with your partner in everything you talk about.

D - ( Video #1 )
A - ( Video # 2 )
N - ( Video #3 )
C - ( Video #4 )
E - ( Video #5 )

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Inside the Marriage Counseling Intensive Program

Entering our Marriage Counseling Intensive Program for Charlottesville, VA instills an immediate sense of peace. This Intensive Program is tailored to repair relationships and foster change. Our specialized program boasts a remarkable track record of swiftly restoring intimacy. Couples receive the equivalent of 8 traditional sessions in a single day, typically starting at 10 AM with four 45-minute sessions before lunch, followed by four more sessions in the afternoon. The program concludes at 5 PM, with flexibility to accommodate individual couple needs.

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Why is a Marriage Counseling Intensive Best?

Marriage Counseling Intensive for Charlottesville offers a distinct approach compared to traditional weekly sessions. Traditional sessions may feel too short, leaving couples wanting more. In contrast, an Intensive Counseling session delivers concentrated doses of therapy through multiple sessions in a rapid-fire format. Clients experience immediate and rapid results.

Many couples wait years before seeking counseling, only to find that traditional sessions fail to produce the desired outcomes. Marriage Counseling Intensive is designed to provide a powerful, life-changing experience in a brief period. These Intensives consistently deliver tangible results.


Ready to transform your marriage? Call (434) 237-2655 to schedule your Marriage Counseling Intensive in Charlottesville. You can also reach out through our contact form or email using the “contact us” button, and we’ll respond promptly.

We’re happy to offer a complimentary phone consultation to determine if an Intensive Counseling session suits you.

Please note that fees for the Marriage Counseling Intensive are due at scheduling and are non-refundable. Rescheduling is possible with a $200 fee in case of emergency or illness. This fee is necessary as the counselor dedicates the entire day to your session, and cancellations incur significant costs.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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What Issues are addressed with Intensive Counseling?

At Intensive Counseling, we tailor our approach to address your specific concerns. However, common topics often include:

  • Affairs
  • Sexual Problems
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Parenting, Trust
  • Blending Families
  • Respect
  • Financial Differences
  • Role Expectations

Our Marriage Counseling Intensive swiftly targets your needs for effective resolution.

What if my spouse doesn’t want to come to the Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Unfortunately, we cannot persuade your spouse to attend our Marriage Counseling Intensive. However, both partners don’t have to participate for positive outcomes; it only takes one to tango. We enthusiastically collaborate with whoever is willing to attend.

Feel free to have your spouse contact us by phone with any questions about the Intensive Counseling Session. If your spouse remains unwilling to attend, shorter sessions may be a more suitable option.

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What Follows a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Following a Marriage Counseling Intensive in Charlottesville, follow-up sessions can be conducted via Private Video Conferencing, Teletherapy, Zoom, or in-office visits. Rest assured, you will have support after the Intensive.

What is the Cost of a Marriage Counseling Intensive

The cost of our Marriage Counseling Intensive is equivalent to 8 weekly sessions in one day, comprising four 45-minute sessions back-to-back, followed by a lunch break, and then four additional sessions.

This intensive format is highly recommended for relationships facing significant trauma, on the brink of divorce, or where traditional weekly therapy has been unsuccessful.

We offer both 1-day and 2-day intensive options to suit your needs. For specific pricing details, please refer to our “Rates” page.

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Please fill out the Contact Form and we will get back in contact with you to help you on the road to feeling good.
Note: Our In-person Counseling is exclusively available in our Lynchburg, VA, facility. Telehealth Counseling (Virtual/Online) is available virtually and can be accessed from any location.