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Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage

Marriage Counseling

Tired of fighting or just not caring? We understand & we’ve been there with plenty of couples…

Couple on Sofa arguing about an affair needing to contact Wyndhurst Counseling Center for help

Affair Recovery

Affairs hurt deeply but your marriage can be great & even better. Our experience can make that happen…

Woman holding face with Anxiety

Depression Counseling

Loss of energy or feeling blue? Sleep seem like a distant memory? Eat too little or too much? We can change that…

Individual Intensive Counseling with counselor and young woman on sofa

Counseling for Women

A wornderful, safe, environment where you feel comfortable talking about things important to you.

Lady with obvious anxiety about many things

Anxiety Counseling

On edge? Can’t sleep? Feel nervous or having difficulty staying focused? We get that and we’re here to help…

Man sitting on a bench in Grief contemplating calling Wyndhurst Counseling in Chesapeake to get help

Grief Counseling

Life is full of loss. Be it the loss of a friend, family, dream, or career, it’s still loss and it still hurts. We know the way thru…

Asian Man sitting at Desk at Work completely stressed out

Stress Relief

Burned out? Lost your drive or maybe you just don’t have patience anymore? We can help lower the pressure…

Young woman very concerned and not knowing where to turn decides to call one of the counselors at Wyndhurst Counseling Center in Lynchburg Va


Stuck in an unhealthy relationship or stuck again? Think you picker is broken? We’ll give you voice lessons…

A greeting from Chuck Rodgers – Charlottesville Counseling…
If you are tired of surviving give Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling a call. We are trained, experienced, and know how to help you get moving in the direction that you want to go. Don’t put it off another day…
Experienced: Charlottesville Counseling VA

Services provided by Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling Center.

Charlottesville Counseling staff are trained to work with: Adults & children, depression, anxiety, communication, abuse, addiction, stress, anger management, PTSD, OCD, and more. The Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling Center makes a difference for you.

I’ve been stuck for a while. Can Charlottesville Counseling help bring change…Is it possible?

Absolutely! We see it all the time. Just because you’ve been in a hole for years, doesn’t mean that it takes years to get out. Charlottesville Counseling has trained, caring, professionals available to you. We are very highly qualified. Your plan is specifically designed to you. You and your counselor will design the techniques for obtaining & maintaining success! Charlottesville Counseling brings unique answers to you…


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How do I get started with Charlottesville Counseling?

The Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling process is user friendly. We’ll walk you though each step. The first thing to do is to call. After a brief phone call from you, you are immediately scheduled for an evaluation. It is very common for folks to say that they feel better even before their first appointment. Just taking that step…making the call brings relief. It just does. A comfortable relationship is formed with us so that you can get moving. Charlottesville Counseling brings  change…

Do you have additional questions not answered yet about Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling?

Give us a call: (434) 237-2655…

How do I contact Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling Center?

Karen Cersley

Resident in Counselor

  • Anxiety
  • Couples Counseling
  • Depression
  • Spiritual issues
  • Women’s issues

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Faye Whaley

Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management

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What do you treat at Wyndhurst Charlottesville Counseling Center?

People seek us out due to our reputation of being able to help people move forward. Life if out there. Events happen and often depression and anxiety is the result. At times, relationships seem just much harder than they should. The results of trauma seem to just cling to you. If you are stuck. Charlottesville Counseling can help.

We have 2 wonderful locations…

Charlottesville Counseling in The Barry Building
2025 Woodbrook Court
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
(434) 237-2655

Charlottesville Counseling at Keswick
4218 Richmond Road
Keswick, Virginia 22947
(434) 473-7243

Don’t let the Stress of Life get you Down!
Want to get better faster…Let Charlottesville Counseling help you…
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Charlottesville Locations:
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2025 Woodbrook Court
Charlottesville, VA 22901
4218 Richmond Road
Keswick, Virginia 22947
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