Chesapeake Christian Counseling

When Jesus announced his public ministry, He proclaimed that His purpose was to set the captives free. At Wyndhurst Counseling Center – Chesapeake Christian Counseling, is available with our goal to help you experience deep healing and freedom. We dedicate ourselves to integrating these deeply spiritual notions about freedom with scientifically proven modalities of treatment. Chesapeake Christian Counseling provides individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling. Providers of Chesapeake Christian Counseling believe that it is our duty to use every means at our disposal to help you achieve that life that you want and deserve. We see a therapeutic path to healing as spiritually congruent, rather than at odds with spirituality.

At Chesapeake Christian Counseling we know that a Spirit lead life is more than works

The goal of Christian spirituality is not to abide by a religious laundry list. Chesapeake Christian Counseling believes that one of the goals is to become what Jesus was. Jesus was the most free, whole and authentic person who ever walked the planet. We believe the aim of therapy is to help our clients to become as free, whole and authentic as He was. Chesapeake Christian Counseling can help you walk toward wholeness.

Chesapeake Christian Counseling sees the Spiritual Part

A very basic part of our makeup is spiritual. That’s one of the reasons that Chesapeake Christian Counseling is so important. From the very beginning, we were created and wired for relationship. Part of this desire is to have an intimate relationship with God. One can find answers to life through the Christian faith and the Bible. It’s not always about what the counselor thinks, but you may want to weigh your thoughts and choices against what God thinks. At Chesapeake Christian Counseling we are also more than happy to explore and use the power of prayer in counseling. We are just as much spiritual as we are psychological and emotional. They all fit together, so it can be a great experience to have faith incorporated into our journey and healing so that you can live a more effective and God honoring life. Chesapeake Christian Counseling is available to help with this integration.