The creative intent of Chesapeake Marriage Counseling is to bring couples together through counseling that is enjoyable and research based.  Our artful approach ends conflict and brings direction and intimacy...Wyndhurst Chesapeake Marriage  Counseling delivers the change that you need.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Chesapeake Marriage Counseling ...

Premium Counseling is now available in Chesapeake. Looking for a fresh start and a path to get there; we've got the experience you've been looking for ...

Chesapeake Marriage Counseling –

Marriage Counseling…it means different things to different people. It is…a pathway to an awesome relationship and to an awesome life.

Sometimes couples experience many of the following:

  • Communication is difficult or completely breaks down. It may even escalate to name calling or belittling. Chesapeake Marriage Counseling stops the contempt.
  • Criticizing becomes the norm. Chesapeake Marriage Counseling brings hope.
  • Sometimes one or both of you feel neglected or abandoned.  Chesapeake Marriage Counseling brings connection.
  • Is there an affair? Maybe the affair is physical or even sexual? Maybe it seems that it has not been physical or sexual but that there is emotional entanglement. That’s an affair as well. An affair is in the eyes of the beholder. When the couple is trying to survive versus thrive the marriage can turn into two adults coexisting without intimacy. Chesapeake Marriage Counseling brings new life.
  • Have impasses developed that you just seem to not be able to get through? Chesapeake Marriage Counseling brings breakthrough!

Why should the two of you spend any more time whatsoever struggling in the same old situation and struggling in isolation? With us, you’re in great hands. We know how to do this. A great life…together is a phone call away. Call Wyndhurst Chesapeake Marriage Counseling (434) 237-2655.

Can Chesapeake Marriage Counseling really make a difference?

Chesapeake Marriage Counseling can do many things. It is an opportunity for the couple to form an alliance to conquer the problem verses conquering one another. In the safe environment, couples can join in a way that they used to join or maybe they can join in ways that they’ve never been able to before.

Can Chesapeake Marriage Counseling really make things better?

It’s a strange concept but it really can happen. Sometimes it’s not getting back what you had. It’s getting a new relationship and getting a new life. New ideas, new perspectives, new skills…Chesapeake Marriage Counseling brings about a new way of doing business.

“We don’t even know where to begin…”

As part of our process at Chesapeake Marriage Counseling we teach couples the research based ways of moving forward and we teach how it is that these skills are to be implemented:

  • Complaining and criticizing gets you more of what you’ve gotten but learning how to make effective, clear, and honoring requests brings about the ability to get your needs met in a wonderful way.
  • Proving how right you are and how wrong the other person is leads to more downward spiraling. While listening…really listening, brings about clarity, understanding, and peace. Each person just really wants to be heard.
  • Defensiveness and blame bring on more defensiveness and blame, while receiving the other person’s influence brings a decrease in conflict and an increase in true intimacy.
  • Contempt brings distance and actual physical illness. Forgiveness and amends brings ease and peace.

Chesapeake Marriage Counseling is so, so available in your area. Chesapeake Marriage Counseling is so doable and it is so affordable. We’re proud to be able to offer such a needed, wonderful, and professional service at Wyndhurst Chesapeake Counseling. Affordable, available, help today…

Stop hurting alone. Don’t wait. Chesapeake Marriage Counseling… Call us today! 434-237-2655.