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Welcome to the Wives of Sex Addicts Support Group

Welcome to the Group for Wives of Sex Addicts. We’ve designed this group to help you share and process your heartache surrounding your partner’s struggle with sexual addiction. You will discover your personal power, and you’ll learn to use it to remove victimhood. You will learn to end criticism, ultimatums, defensiveness, and unsuccessful controlling attempts. In this new day, you’ll learn to get your needs met by making specific requests that lead to clarity and resolution.

Offering a Safe Space

The Sex Addicts Support Group for Wives provides a safe place to process your pain and additional emotions with which you are dealing. We come alongside and help you to learn how to detach from your partner’s behavior. Engagement in healthy detachment helps you receive the healing that you very much need.

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Supporting Partners Affected by Sexual Addiction Betrayal

We often find that you, as the partner, had little or no idea that your spouse was betraying you through sexual addiction (inappropriate sexual behavior, compulsive sexual behavior, pornography, or infidelity). We also find that spouses did know and could not find a way to end it. Either way, it is not your issue. It definitely affects you, but you did not cause it, and in the past, you were powerless to make a change. It’s not your fault.

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Lynchburg VA Group Counseling for Wives of Sex Addicts – Questions and Answers:

Unlike peer-led support groups, a trained clinician leads each Group Counseling session at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness.

The “Group Counseling for Wives of Sexual Addicts” program is ongoing. Participants can join at any time, and there is no set end date.

The “Wives of Sex Addicts” group is in the planning stages and will commence soon. To receive notifications about its start date, please reach out to us at the number below. Our dedicated reception team will note your details and inform you once the group’s schedule is finalized.

At this time, the Wives for Sex Addicts is in the planning stages.  Once it starts, it will meet at:

Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness
371 Oakdale Circle
Lynchburg, VA 24502

This actually changes. Sometimes there may be 5 or 6 women at the Partners Sexual Addiction group; however, sometimes, there will be 10 – 12 members present.

For detailed pricing on our Counseling Services, including the Group Counseling for Wives of Sex Addicts, please visit our rates page at Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness.

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Empowering Self-Care and Healing: Equipping You for a New Life with Support Group Guidance

The Wives of Sex Addicts Group teaches you to identify healthy self-care and helps you begin to put these elements in place. In addition, this group readily equips you with the tools you need, not only for healing but also for empowerment in this new life going forward.

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Rebuilding After Trauma: Nurturing Boundaries, Connection, and Forgiveness through Group Support

The Sex Addicts Group for Wives assists you in developing an understanding of topics such as; boundaries, connection, forgiveness, how to reconnect with one another, and how to reconnect with yourself. Basically, we’re helping you answer the question, “How do we begin again?” You’ve been through trauma, and we provide a place for you to receive the healing you need.

Resolving Unhealed Trauma in a Safe Group Environment

The Wives of Sex Addicts Support Group provides a safe environment and a way to resolve unhealed trauma brought about by your partner’s sexual addiction. When this happens, something really amazing begins to happen. Some hope begins to enter. Some peace begins to enter. You begin to realize that you can be happy again. This is what happens with a community of like-minded people who know your pain. The group comes alongside you and bears your burdens with you. You don’t have to carry this alone anymore.

Joining Others Who Understand Betrayal and Trauma for Restoration

You can join us and receive healing just like the other group members who’ve been exactly where you are. They know what it’s like to be betrayed, and they know what it’s like to experience trauma. This healing process cannot happen in isolation. This healing cannot happen with you remaining alone. It takes a loving community where like-minded people encourage and sometimes nudge one another toward healing and connection.

Reclaiming Power and Possibilities

The devastating trauma brought upon you by your husband’s sexual addiction left you wounded and believing you are helpless. There is nothing further from the truth. Yet, when alone, this way of thinking seems so very real. However, within the group, you can realize the truth. Within the group, you can see things accurately. You no longer see yourself as a helpless victim, but rather you know that you were hurt and wounded; however, in this new day, you can see possibilities.

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Moving Beyond Labels to Empower Healing and Recovery in Partner Trauma

Historically, some well-meaning individuals have labeled the wives of sexual addicts as codependent. We believe very differently about this. We believe you were a victim of your partner’s sexual addiction. We believe you were a victim of your partner’s betrayal. We believe this trauma may have even caused you to exhibit symptoms of PTSD. However, we also believe that you can now heal and move forward. We know how to make that happen.

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