What happens at Lynchburg Counseling Intensive for Individuals?

We offer a unique Lynchburg Counseling Intensive to resolve a variety of issues. If you are looking for a unique, speedy approach to healing, we may be the place for you. The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive brings relief from with depression and anxiety and for folks just feeling stuck. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive brings a lot in a very short time.

The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive Program is for locals and out of town folks too.

To do a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive, some fly while some use Skype. The results are amazing no matter which format you choose. If you’re not a techie, that’s not a problem. We can help with this as well. We’ll walk with you each step of the way and we can even do a practice run to ensure all the “kinks” are worked out. We’re good with those pieces too. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive brings movement, in person, and at a distance.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Intensive Individual Counseling…

A one day Counseling Intensive provides 2 months of counseling in just one day.  Amazing results are possible.  Some folks get freedom in just one day…

What do we do at a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive?

Great question. If you have had counseling previously, it will not be what you are used to. We promise, you will not be bored. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive day is a very active day.

We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes, these thoughts are healthy and move us forward. Sometimes, these thoughts are unhealthy and take us captive. At Lynchburg Counseling Intensive, we take seriously the idea of taking our thoughts captive. We work hard, along with you, to determine exactly what the negative thoughts are that have been holding you back. Some folks have 4 or 5 negative thoughts while others have many. We never get caught up in the quantity. We just notice them, write them down and then begin to make them small or make them go away. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive changes thinking patterns.

During a Counseling Intensive, we literally write down the negative thoughts. Common negative thoughts are things like:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I don’t measure up.
  • I’ll never measure up.
  • I’m too short.
  • I’m too tall.
  • I’m to fat.
  • I’m too skinny.
  • I’m not pretty enough.
  • I must be perfect.
  • I must never quit.
  • If you’re gonna do something, do it right.
  • Do something, even if it’s wrong.
  • This will never end.
  • On and on it goes…

We call these thoughts “Hamster Wheel Thoughts.” They are like chicken on a rotisserie. They just turn over and over and over. No matter how hard you try to change them or to not think about them, they just continue to turn and bake. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive ends the loop.

After we capture the thoughts, we begin a series of techniques to make them small or make them go away. You’re probably saying “Why wouldn’t I want to make them all go away completely? Why would I just want to make some weak? Why would I want to keep any of them around at all?” Great question. The answer is that some of our negative thoughts are working for us; thus so, we sometimes choose to keep them around. They may actually be hurting or killing us, but yet they provide benefit to us. Your choice. The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive format allows you to decide and then we’ll help you.

The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive has acquired a wonderful reputation for assisting folks to get moving forward quickly. Individuals come for the equivalent of 8 traditional sessions in a single day. There are 3 clock hours of counseling (this equates to four 45 minute traditional counseling sessions) then a lunch break. After lunch we’ll do another 3 clock hour session. The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive day is intense but the time will fly by. You’ll see!

Why a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive Program is Better.

A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive differs from traditional counseling that uses the
45-minutes per week format. Many find the regular sessions to be to brief. We offer a very effective method that is supported by research. Lynchburg Intensive Counseling provides potent doses of counseling by providing multiple counseling sessions back-to-back. Clients who have done a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive tout rapid, results.

Most individuals wait years before doing counseling. Traditionally, they see a counselor 4 times per month for 45 minutes each time. People often find this to be less effective than they’d like. Sometimes in it can take almost 45 minutes to just begin divulging core beliefs, not to mention moving forward and resolving them. The Lynchburg Counseling Intensive is specifically designed, like a powerful antibiotic, to provide a powerful change in a day. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive births change.

After a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive what happens then?

Following a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive we can seamlessly check in through Skype of in person. You choose.

The Cost for a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive?

Please check out our “Rates” page for the investment of a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive.

Interested in a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive on the Weekend?

We’ve gotcha taken care of there too. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive is conveniently available on weekends as well.

Want Us to Come to You? A Mobile Lynchburg Counseling Intensive Can Be Arranged

The Mobiles are just like the ones conducted in Lynchburg. Chuck is available to fly or drive to your locality on a weekend or during the week. Some prefer Chuck to travel to see them due to obligations of family, career or confidentiality. A Lynchburg Counseling Intensive easily comes your way.

Ready to Get On Board With a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive?

To reserve a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive or to get additional information, please call us at (434) 237-2655 or email us by clicking the “contact us” button and we will happily chat with you, free of charge, to see if a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive might be a great fit. If coming from out of town, for a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive, it is best to have a 45 minute session, by phone or SKYPE so we can do a quick assessment and give you opportunity to do a few things in preparation before our intensive day. This allows us to really focus during the Lynchburg Counseling Intensive and get to core negative thoughts and feel better faster.

The fee for a Lynchburg Counseling Intensive, paid when scheduled. There are no refunds. If an illness or emergency happens the Lynchburg Counseling Intensive can be rescheduled; we ask that you please understand that a $200 administrative fee will be assessed for rescheduling. The reasoning for such a humongous charge is because the counselor will have blocked off an entire day and a cancellation becomes so very costly for him or her. We are so, so sorry. We just just do not know a better way to navigate this unpleasant hurdle. Lynchburg Counseling Intensive.