Christian Counseling Lynchburg VA


* What if I believe in God, and Live by Spiritual Principles, but Don’t Go to Church? How does that fit with Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling?

The Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling Center is happy to help you as well. We take your spiritual position seriously, and would love to work with you just where you are. The American Psychological Associations ethics codes mandate that counselors never impose their values on clients, and this includes religious ones. At no time will we try to make you feel uncomfortable, or try to recruit you for church or other involvement. We believe you have a right to feel the way you do about God, religion, and matters of faith, and we don’t want to infringe upon that. Lynchburg Christian Counseling honors where you are.

Are All of the Counselors at Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling Center Christians?

Great question, and the answer is “no.” One of the counselors is not a believer. He is very experienced, he is skilled, and has conservative values. After a thorough interview and due to having been able to observe him in the community as a clinician for many years, he was allowed to be part of the staff of Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling Center. If receiving Lynchburg Christian Counseling is important to you, you can make sure to make this request and Lynchburg Christian Counseling will be afforded to you. On the other hand, if making sure that you have a counselor is not of the Christian faith, please make sure to let us know and we will gladly schedule you with this counselor. Lynchburg Christian Counseling provides for your needs.

Why Do You Counsel Both Christians and Non-Christians at Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling Center?

We are here to help. While most all of us are Christians we are also very skilled clinicians. Many people come to us because of the deep well of skill regardless of our spiritual beliefs. We continue to receive referrals from folks from all walks of life: private individuals, pastors and other church staff, inpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient substance abuse treatment centers, residential and inpatient substance abuse treatment facilities, general physician’s offices, and others. We are here to be used of God and receive whoever comes as a gift from Him and believe that they are sent to us for a reason. Lynchburg Christian Counseling is about helping you feel good.

Do You Eventually Share Your Faith With the People Who Come to You at Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling?

The short answer is “no.” At Lynchburg Christian Counseling we believe that this is not our call. It is the call of the client. We are here to help. If the person coming desires to incorporate issues of faith into our clinical practice, we will meet them there and provide Lynchburg Christian Counseling. If that is not part of their value system and world view, then this aspect is not part of their counseling. There are some folks who would not think of leaving our office without prayer. There are others who want absolutely nothing to do with this world view. It is their call. We are not a ministry. We are a counseling center and a business providing Lynchburg Christian Counseling to those who desire it. While there are times when ministry takes place at Wyndhurst Lynchburg Christian Counseling Center, we remain a business and a counseling center.

*We in no way want to be deceptive. We do have one therapist who is not a Christian. He is skilled, experienced, and has conservative values but is not a believer. Thus so, if having a Christian Counselor is important to you, please make sure that you let the receptionist know when you call. Christian Counseling Lynchburg VA can get you on the road to feeling very good.