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Welcome to Group Counseling for Substance Abuse for Women

Welcome to Group Counseling for Substance Abuse for Women at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness. We provide specialized group therapy sessions tailored for women wrestling with drug and alcohol dependency. Our focus is on creating a nurturing and secure environment where participants can openly discuss their journey, seek advice, and acquire the necessary tools to prevail over their substance abuse issues.


Is it possible to conquer addiction? Without a doubt! Being a part of group therapy for substance abuse offers significant advantages. Group members’ collective knowledge and support are very helpful, often surpassing the benefits of one-on-one counseling. The unique group setting encourages the surfacing of pressing issues, cultivating deeper insight and growth.

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Addiction: A Difficult Battle that We Can Triumph Together

We recognize the complex nature of addiction. Remember, you’re not isolated in this struggle. Overcoming substance abuse by yourself can be a burdensome journey. At Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness, our Group Counseling for Substance Abuse for Women provides a holistic method to address and treat substance abuse issues.

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Group Counseling led by a Licensed Counselor

Start your path to recovery now. Our group counseling sessions are guided by Licensed Professionals who are experts in addiction therapy. In this secure and accepting space, we encourage a supportive atmosphere, allowing individuals to openly discuss their challenges, seek advice, and acquire the essential skills for conquering their addiction. Moreover, our counselors employ effective strategies to assist individuals in handling their addiction and cultivating coping mechanisms.

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Lynchburg VA Group Counseling Services – Questions and Answers:

At Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness, every Group Counseling session for Women coping with Substance Abuse is facilitated by a Licensed Professional and/or a trained clinician, distinguishing it from typical peer-led support groups.

Each group counseling session for women spans approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

Yes, the Group Counseling Substance Abuse for Women is an open group with no beginning or end. This means that you can come to any of the sessions you would like and you only pay for the sessions you attend.

You must undergo an intake assessment to participate in Substance Abuse Group Counseling at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness. This process helps us identify the most suitable counseling options for your substance abuse treatment needs.

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This particular Group Counseling for Substance Abuse is exclusively for Women.

For specific pricing information regarding our Counseling Services, including the Substance Abuse Group Counseling, we invite you to explore our rates page on the Wyndhurst Counseling & Wellness website.
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Discover Comfort and Connection in Shared Experiences

In our group counseling sessions, you can bond with other women facing similar struggles. As each person shares their personal journey, you will gain support from those who truly understand the complexities of addiction. Our group counseling services are designed to promote a sense of community and belonging, key elements in overcoming addiction.

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Affordable and Convenient Group Counseling at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness

Our Substance Abuse Group Counseling for Women at Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness is affordable and readily accessible. We provide scheduling options to accommodate our clients’ needs, including sessions in the evenings and on weekends. Additionally, we offer telehealth services, allowing you to participate in counseling sessions from the comfort of your own space, should you prefer a remote option.

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At Wyndhurst Counseling and Wellness, our offerings extend beyond group counseling to include individual counseling, family counseling, and various other support services. Our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment is designed to address the distinct needs of each individual, assisting in their journey toward sustained recovery.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our Group Counseling for Substance Abuse in Lynchburg VA. We are here to help you take the first step on the road to feeling good. 

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