The Counseling Process

We will walk you though each step


At Wyndhurst Counseling Center in Lynchburg, VA we are here for you and your family. Please check out each of our bios to find the right fit. We all have one thing in common, we are here to help you feel great…

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The Counseling Passageway.

The counseling process is seamless and quite smooth. We will walk you though each step. The first thing to do is to call us @ 434.237.2655. After a phone call from you, you are then quickly scheduled for an evaluation with the counselor most qualified for your particular situation. While it is not always true, clients often report feeling better even prior to their first appointment. It seems that simply making the appointment often brings some relief. This is where a comfortable partnership is formed in order that you can begin the process of achieving your desired outcome.

The Counseling Assessment.

Prior to coming, you will be instructed on how to download the appropriate forms from our website. That way, you can take your time in filling them out prior to your arrival. If, however, you would rather wait until you arrive at our office to fill out the forms that is fine as well. A life history, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment plan make this a very important step in meeting your particular needs. During your evaluation, any fears, expectations, and concerns will be addressed, so you can feel confident that your counseling treatment plan will take you in the direction that you wish to go.

The Counseling Transition.

The healing process can be challenging, but it can also be very worthwhile and rewarding. When you achieve your counseling goals, we will celebrate with you as you transition into the life that you desire.

We have several professionals available to you. All of our highly qualified counseling professionals work toward helping you meet the goals in this step. Because your counseling plan is tailored specifically to you, no two are exactly alike. By actively taking part in your own counseling, you will learn the necessary techniques for continued success…success with life, love, career, family, and with yourself.

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