Wyndhurst Counseling Center has closed its office in Roanoke at this time. We have other locations to meet your needs. The closest location is in our Bedford Office and we also offer more services in our main Lynchburg office. Please call our main office at 434-237-2655 or fill out the contact us form and we will match you with just the right Therapist for your needs.

As always, we look forward to providing the best in care for you and “helping you feel better, faster.”

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Roanoke Counseling Services in Roanoke VA

Wedding Rings on a Table for Marriage

Marriage Counseling

Are you tired?  Got to be different?  We know how to bring that change and we’ll show you how…


Woman looking at alcohol on the table trying to take control - maybe it is time to contact a counselor at Wyndhurst Counseling Center Lynchburg Va

Substance Abuse

Tired of hurting and tired of hurting the ones you love?  We know you are and we we’ll help you change…


Woman holding face with Anxiety

Depression Counseling

Bottomed out?  Feeling down and can hardly go?  Hard to sleep?  We know how to beat depression…

Young Man at table in front of computer struggling with Sexual Addiction and going to call Wyndhurst Counseling Center for help

Sexual Addiction

We are here to help free you from the bondage of pornography and unhealthy relationships…

Lady with obvious anxiety about many things

Anxiety Counseling?

Trouble sleeping? Edgy? Nervous? On edge? Trouble with focus? Worry? Can’t sleep? We’re here…


Man sitting on a bench in Grief contemplating calling Wyndhurst Counseling in Chesapeake to get help

Grief Counseling

Life is loss…loss of family, dream, career, relationship? Loss of any kind hurts.  We’ll walk thru it with you…


Asian Man sitting at Desk at Work completely stressed out

Stress Relief

Feeling burned up or burned out?  Are you just done?  We can be that pressure release you’ve been looking for…

Christian Counseling at Wyndhurst Counseling Center in Lynchburg Va

Christian Counseling

Our faith is huge part of us.  We’ll help you to use your faith to bring the healing that you need…

A greeting from Chuck Rodgers – Roanoke Counseling…
Our experienced, professional, counselors in Roanoke are focused on helping you get better. Reach out and feel better.  This is what we do and we’re here for you…
Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: Affordable Counseling Every Time …

Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: Affordable Counseling Every Time …

Our mission at Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center is to offer Professional Counseling to those who have insurance and to those who do not. We can use your insurance or, you can see a Counseling Resident, for a low flat fee of $50, equal to most co-pays. Roanoke Counseling is affordable.

Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: Services…

Our staff has been trained to work with: depression, anxiety, communication and reconciliation in families, trauma, current and past abuse, addiction, suicidal thoughts and behavior, cutting, anger management, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, body image issues, personality disorders, behavior management for children, and more.

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Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: You have awesome choices.

If you have insurance and you would like to use it, we’ll do our best to make that work for you. If, however, you don’t have insurance or you would rather not use it, we have a fabulous Counseling Resident who can see you for $50 per session. Roanoke Counseling brings the help that you’ve been looking for.

Roanoke Counseling: Do you offer Marriage Counseling?

Sure do! We offer excellent marriage counseling with our trained and experienced professionals. Research studies have shown that 4 things…4 ingredients are needed to have great relationships. The opposite of these things destroys marriages. Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling will show you how to have an awesome marriage.

Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Give us a call! (434) 237-2655 Or email us at:

Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center: Who will be doing the counseling?

A Licensed Professional Counselor or a Master’s Level Resident will be providing the counseling at the Wyndhurst Roanoke Counseling Center. Please see their bios for further information.

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