Welcome to eCounseling / Phone Counseling:

Since the beginning of counseling, clients were forced to leave their homes, drive to an office, and visit a therapist that only had time to provide *counseling services Monday – Friday from 9-5. Oftentimes, people, for some reason, cannot get in to see a quality counselor. Travel, availability, and even confidentiality can make it difficult to drive to meet with a therapist face-to-face. We offer eCoaching / phone counseling, an innovative way to help people receive quality phone counseling within the comfort of their own home or office. Now…thanks to the phone counseling and the Internet…everything has changed. eCounseling / phone counseling offers professional counseling through the internet and phone to anyone, anywhere, and at convenient times. We represent the future of phone counseling services and we deliver all the benefits of modern technology to our clients. Welcome to phone counseling.

A Message from Chuck Rodgers about Electronic Coaching…Phone or Internet…

Electronic Coaching is amazing! If you prefer the privacy of your home or maybe you live out of town and want to take advantage of our great track record. E-Coaching may be for you…

Benefits of Professional eCounseling / phone counseling (Phone and Video Conferencing):

Despite the best efforts of one or both persons, things often do not change. Confusion grows. Unfortunately, the guiding principles that allow relationships to grow and flourish are far from obvious. The good news is that with phone counseling, education and effort, even very difficult problems can be overcome. There is an opportunity to increase satisfaction and develop a lasting relationship built on a more solid foundation. Phone counseling can really help.

Phone Counseling / Marriage Counseling Can Help You to Lean How To:

  • Comfort – Phone counseling sessions are done from your own couch, desk or office! Isn’t that great!
  • Convenience – Phone counseling is really hassle free. No need to carve out travel time for an appointment or fight traffic. Bad weather, lack of transportation or inability to leave one’s home, for one reason or another, does not have to prevent you from a phone counseling session. We give you complete control. There are no insurance companies to deal with, no paperwork, and no hassles. Welcome to phone counseling.
  • Compassion- Phone counseling provides experienced counselors listen to you and give the emotional support that you need. That’s phone counseling…
  • Competence- Phone counseling provides Licensed professional counselors provide the guidance that you have been looking for. Wyndhurst Counseling Center offers a phone service that allows you to speak to an experienced counselor when local counselors are unavailable. That’s phone counseling…
  • Confidentiality- Waiting rooms filled with strangers and office staff are a thing of the past thanks to phone counseling! Our services offer increased anonymity over traditional therapy. You do not even have to leave your own home to use our service! Some folks choose us, at times, to insure that their phone counseling coaches are not individuals in their own community, city, or state! The distance and anonymity of speaking with your coach, via phone counseling or a Skype or FaceTime allows you to feel completely at ease telling the phone counseling professional your most intimate details. Beyond that, our phone counseling and our electronic profiles adhere to the strictest privacy policies, only sharing personal information when required by law or requested by you in writing. Many people are more comfortable talking to a phone counseling professional in a different town, or even state. eCounseling allows you to speak with a licensed counselor with whom you are less likely to run into in your own community. Welcome to phone counseling.
  • Cost-Some folks find it less expensive, to use phone counseling due to being able to schedule phone counseling appointments at times that enable them to not have to miss work. This is especially true if a couple is involved. Traditional counseling would require both people to take off work to come in. Not so with phone counseling
  • Change- eConseling / phone counseling is the future of counseling. Studies have shown that counseling, over the phone and internet, is as effective, is more intimate, and is more beneficial than routine face to face counseling. With our experienced phone counseling professionals, and with this great tool, you can get the change that you are so very much wanting. In addition to this great change, you are always in complete control with phone counseling. Because you get to use our services on your time and from wherever you choose, no one ever has to know. Convenience, ease, and privacy all for a fraction of the price. That’s phone counseling…

What is Video Conferencing (Skype-FaceTime)?

  • For those of you who’d like to talk live, face-to-face, we currently use the internet with great success to work with clients who are unable to visit us in person or who prefer to work online. We use Skype and FaceTime to make this possible. Anyone who owns a PC or a laptop can download the program free of charge. This program is free to use for PC to PC calls and we’ve found that the quality can be equal to or better than a traditional phone service.
  • If you use the telephone regularly, it’s essentially the same except you can hear, see, and talk with us live in real-time. Even if you haven’t used Video Conferencing before it is super easy to use. Interested in Video Counseling but you are not computer savvy? No problem, we will walk you through it step-by-step right over the phone at no charge.
  • Video Conferencing is, high quality video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other using your computer. Again, Video Conferencing is free to download from the internet, is easy to install and set up, is free of adware/malware/spyware etc. and most importantly, is comfortable and brings change.  It’s like phone counseling but…a step up.

To Get Started with Video Coaching:

  • 1. Simply call us right now at (434) 237-2655 to schedule an appointment.
  • 2. You will receive an email from us asking you to RSVP for a session. You will accept and then you will receive reminders  about the scheduled appointment. When it is time, you will click on the link provided and just follow the prompts. This will take you to your appointment with a counselor who will serve as your eCoach.
  • 3. You will need a webcam if your computer doesn’t already have one built in. This is very easy to obtain either locally or can be ordered easily through the internet.
  • 4. Call us right now at (434) 237-2655 to explore the possibilities of working together through Phone Coaching and Secure Video Conferencing.
  • *Note: The individuals who provide this service by this facility are licensed (or licensed eligible and under supervision) to provide counseling in the Commonwealth of Virginia where they are licensed. This website uses the terms of counseling/coaching/video conferencing/phone counseling, etc. only as general terms meaning a means of providing assistance/coaching for individuals, couples and families and may or may not meet the strictest criteria for the word “counseling.” It is also understood that when formal documentation is used, the word “coaching” or phone coaching will be used to designate the service provided by electronic means.